Mind the gap…

Didn’t mean to leave such a gap between blogs… just been so busy. Unfortunately a few family ailments have struck which last week saw just about the entire household in and out of hospitals. I do enjoy the ward banter though, always flippant and invariably dark. Anyway, I won’t dwell on all that, other than to say it hasn’t been the cheeriest of times.

Well the book ‘Kiss and Tell’ is finally out there in the big wide world. Now all I have to do is let people know about it. Easier said than done when a) you don’t have a big publishing house behind you and b) you don’t really have the funds to promote via professional bloggers and tweeters etc. Still, no despair, what I do have, I hope, is a half decent product. I certainly wouldn’t like to do this without the backing of some very respected friends and colleagues, but I know that literary agencies like RCW and Wade&Doherty wouldn’t have invested so much of their own time in me if they thought the book wouldn’t sell.

A few good souls (you know who you are) have offered to help with promotion and I’m very grateful. I expect it will be a slow burner at first but hopefully things will pick up. Looking back, one of the most difficult tasks of all was the stage where you have to assess your own book, with your reading hat on and your writing hat squashed under your backside… but once you’re done you’re in a better position to judge if others will enjoy it. The next stage was to ask a couple of fellow authors to read it too. Two authors in my case, with two hats each. The ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ insights were all very helpful and I made a couple of minor adjustments before concluding a final draft.

What else… well I did intend to watch Newsnight last night to see how the US elections were shaping up. Barack won through so well done to him. On the wider scale of things I guess it makes the world a slightly safer place, if only because history tells us that the other lot tend to be susceptible to trigger happy tones. I didn’t ever get to watch Newsnight though because the Ian Rankin documentary was on BBC1… interesting viewing it was too.

On the advertising front things are on the move again. I just haven’t had the time to do as much copywrting as I’d like to. Still, a brief came in today for a sweet shop run by a monkey. Now that’s enough to cheer anyone up!


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