Keep calm – Carry on

Hello all,

Having promised not to leave such a large gap between blogs, I feel I ought to apologise. However, there are mitigating circumstances your honour…  as Jill Shadow might say.

It was the day after boxing day when my partner Kate was diagnosed with bcell lymphoma which as you can imagine came as a bit of a shock. The only silver lining to this is that all the medics seem to agree that it’s very treatable and by the time I blog again she will have undergone her first chemo session. Of course my priority has been to do what I can do make sure Kate gets the best treatment and that everything possible is set up to help her. Rather like me she is not one to dwell and we’re both determined to get on as best we can in the meantime.

I’d just like to thank all those kind people who have sent goodwill messages of support – all very much appreciated.

In doing my part to get on with life as practically as possible, I’ve tried to bury myself in work when I can but have found that concentration slips a little more than the norm. At the moment I am spending half my working time preparing to promote ‘Kiss and Tell’ and the other half trying to get a final draft of my second novel ‘Defending Elton’ completed. I hope to have this out around the end of Feb… with a following wind. I’m sure there will be more about the new book in due course.

As for ‘Kiss and Tell’, I’m happy with the way things are progressing. A big thanks to journalist Tina Orr Munro for the article about both the book and my journey as a writer in this month’s [February] Writing Magazine. Thanks too for all the support from the crime fiction blogosphere, notably Rhian@crimeficreader , Steph@crimethrillgirl , Lloyd @lloydpaige, Margot @margotkinberg and Kat @MrsP. I think you might be hearing something from them about ‘Kiss and Tell’ towards the end of the month.

Meanwhile congrats to another writing buddy Mel Sherratt on the release of her latest novel ‘Fighting For Survival’. I’m sure Mel is an inspiration to many a fellow scribe. We’ve had similar experiences with the publishing world and Mel has shown how a thick skin and steely determination to do things your own way can come up trumps. Her ‘estate’ series is proving popular with the ebook buying public. I can imagine that fans of Martina Cole and Jessie Keane would lap her books up. Well done Mel.


One Response to “Keep calm – Carry on”

  1. Margot Kinberg Says:

    I am truly sorry to hear about Kate. I wish you both the very best and all sorts of goodwill and strength as you deal with this. Of course that’s got to be your most important priority.
    Thanks also for the mention, and I’m looking forward to putting Kiss and Tell in the spotlight at the end of the month.

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