Elton on his way…

‘Defending Elton’ will be released towards the end of this month [March]

Though my second release chronologically, it was the first book I began, and has finally taken shape this last few months. So may good-willed souls have helped along the way. Literary Agents Kate Jones of ICM and Broo Doherty of Wade&Doherty were incredibly supportive and helped me get this far. My author pal Tina Orr Munro has helped by sharing her own experiences, as have other authors including Mel Sheratt and Tim Kevan. And thanks especially to Gina Skinner, for her patience with me on matters technical, and Rebecca Keys for her ‘understanding’ editing.

In any event, it was with some relief that I approved the final draft this week. A ‘review’ copy will shortly be available as a .mobi file for Kindle, with the book launching on or about 30th March. Hopefully both for Kindle and in paperback.

As those who have read previous blogs will know, the very first person to read an early draft was literary agent Kate Jones. Alas, she is no longer with us, but her support gave me tremendous confidence… particularly when I found out how well respected she was as a literary figure.

‘Defending Elton’, I suspect, will remain my favourite book, because so much energy and passion has been invested in it. The few who’ve read it so far, mostly industry professionals, say it’s an original and inventive tale with plenty of thrills and spills. I hope readers find it just as gripping.

And before I forget, a huge thanks to book cover designer Jamie Keenan. He might be used to designing covers for the likes of Stephen King and Nick Hornby, and being commissioned by a whole range of major publishing houses, but he read a draft of the book a couple of months back and said that not only did he want to design the cover but that he would would help to promote it too. Not many Indie authors have such support and I was chuffed by that Jamie, thanks.

Well I’ll keep you posted on Elton’s release.

Meanwhile, my next book will see the return of Jill Shadow, the lead in ‘Kiss and Tell’… and a big thanks to those readers who have given such positive feedback, and encouraged me to write some more stories for her. I’m just about to get cracking on it!
Be back again soon…

‘Kiss and Tell’ – available now on Amazon http://amzn.to/WZbNPp
‘Defending Elton’ – available shortly.



One Response to “Elton on his way…”

  1. Margot Kinberg Says:

    Happy to hear of the imminent release of Defending Elton, Tim. Looking forward to reading it.

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